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The Wytches Melting Pot

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Another year has gone by and a change of profile is in order. I have just turned 40, have 5 unruly but intelligent children and am happily married to Martin.

My interests are many and varied so expect me to throw in coments on pretty much any subject imaginable. Apologies in advance if I seem terse or a know it all....I spend a lot of time in research, so tend to know my subjects well ;)

I have been a Pagan for the majority of my life and a practicing witch for 27 years (possibly longer...I had some strange experiences as a child!) My paganism branches out into the rest of my life through comunity work, ecological issues, social issues and my artwork.

I am a trained photographer, though I have not been active in the business for nearly 20 years I still use my photographic skills in my work as an artist. I have done much graphic work, being involved with design for the internet, intranets and business branding. I also do photo-manipulation work digitally and pure digital art. On a more traditional level I spend much of my time painting with oils, though I ocassionally get the watercolours or acrylics out, to keep my hand in. I enjoy pen and ink work and am constantly striving to improve my life drawing skills! Don't let anyone ever tell you that all artists have to be able to draw figures...yes it helps, but you can get along without it....I have recently become more comfortable with them, two of my current paintings are centered around faces. A quote springs to mind here....' By George, I think she's got it!' (Pygmalion/My Fair Lady)

I have also had a strong interest in crafts. Many of my current projects involve woodwork, pyrography and woodcarving. On ocassion you may even find me with a piece of needlework or even crochet...can't knit for toffee.

My major hobby is reading, though I am so busy at the moment I generally only get an hour in at bedtime :( I am still ploughing through books at a rate of knots though! Sometimes it amazes me how much information the human brain can soak up in a short space of time. It is even more surprising when you find you are able to put it into practice a few days/weeks later.

Anyhooo......enough about me.

Practice random Kindness.....and senseless acts of beauty.